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Most people here in Massachusetts intuitively understand the connection between good lifestyle and health, but they are not aware of the inescapable metabolic connection between unhealthy lifestyle and disease. Here at "Boston Healthiest", we are bringing back an ancient, very well known but often ignored path to restoring health. We are creating awareness of what cutting edge science in nutritional biochemistry is teaching us. Not surprisingly, much of this research originates right here in our own city! Diet and lifestyle advice abounds in our social media. Which of these is supported by scientific investigation? Our passion is to review, organize, and explain the latest research on the metabolic connection between unhealthy lifestyle and disease. Isn't there a better alternative to pharmaceuticals? Our slogan, "Think outside the pill", reflects our desire to create awareness, dispel myths, and bring back the ancient knowledge of 

a simple, natural, less costly way to restore health to every person. 


With this in mind, we have created a free health platform for all. Our plan is simple:  reach out to everyone and get everyone involved. We will help bring education and healthy protocols to Boston. We think that we can get Boston and Massachusetts to become the healthiest city and state in the US. The biggest obstacle is bringing people together to help change the old paradigm. For this to happen, we need your help and involvement. There is common wisdom which is very true..." It takes a village to raise a child". Just think about this: if your friends and community are embracing a healthy lifestyle, it will be much easier for you and your family to do the same. Let's work together and support each other. 


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