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jue, 20 de ago


The amazing power of intermittent Fasting!!

Fasting activates the amazing biochemical process of Autophagy, "the fountain of youth. An unforgettable nutritional lecture!

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The amazing power of intermittent Fasting!!
The amazing power of intermittent Fasting!!

Time & Location

20 de ago de 2020, 6:30 p. m. – 8:00 p. m.


About the Event

Autophagy is our body’s way to regenerate newer, healthier cells, 

It’s also referred to as “self-devouring.” While that may sound like something you never want to happen to your body, it’s actually beneficial to your overall health. especially your brain

Autophagy is a necessary biological process for self-preservation, it is an evolutionary mechanism through which the body can remove all dysfunctional cells and recycle them toward cellular repair and regeneration.

Autophagy, “It is recycling and cleaning at the same time, just like hitting a reset button to your mind, brain, and body. Plus, it promotes survival and adaptation as a response to various stressors and toxins accumulated in our cells.

The main benefits of autophagy seem to come in the form of anti-aging principles. It’s best known as the body’s way of turning the clock back and creating younger cells. ( helps enhance your lifespan )

  • removing toxic proteins and inflammatory compounds from the cells which are attributed to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Also, autophagy is receiving a lot of attention for the role it may play in preventing or treating hypertension, diabetes, and cancer and more.

“Autophagy declines as we age, so this means cells that no longer work or are dysfunctional are allowed to multiply, which accerelates aging process.

  • on a larger scale, autophagy makes you resilient because it keeps you younger

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