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Official Schedule for the month of January group's meetings: Group meetings are key to be successful in the program. Although all meetings will be recorded and you may watch them at a later time, I strongly encourage you to join us. The group's energy and support is amazing!


First group meeting will take place Friday January 6th at 6pm on zoom. In this meeting we will discuss the 3 month program's most important details and answer your questions.


Second group meeting, on Wednesday January 11th at 6pm on zoom. This meeting will be our first class about disease prevention.  Learn how disease begins and proliferates at the molecular level. We will be discussing complications like Diabetes, fatty liver, CVD, Alzheimerz, Dementia, Cancer, Chronic fatigue, Metabolic syndrome, HBP and more and more.


Third group meeting Wednesday January 18th at 6pm on zoom. Second class will be about learning to cook recipes for reversing cellular damage, restoring the energy in our immune system and balance in our nervous system.  In this class you will learn new healing dishes. 


Fourth group meeting ;  Wednesday January 25th at 6pm on zoom. This class you will learn new biohacks about how to slow - down premature aging. 


Food list for the first 3 weeks.

January 11 to January 


Before we begin, If you have had blood work and lipid profile work from the past year, I encourage you to have it ready before January 11. We will do blood and lipid panel labs at the end of the 2 months programs.


Other biometrics would be nice to have are:  Body weight,  Waist/hip circumference ratio. 

It will also be a great tool if you write a page or two about how you feel, what do you look to change during the 3 month school program, what would you like to accomplish, and why are you doing it.  After the 3 months program ends, the person who wrote the letter won't be the same person reading it meaning you will be a completely different person, a much happier and healthier person.



Vegan Mandarin Orange Broccoli Salad

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