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Meet Humberto

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Founder of BostonHealthiest, Humberto Moncayo is a personal nutritional consultant and motivational speaker who has successfully guided clients from the US, Colombia, Venezuela, and England through their wellness journey and personal complex needs. Humberto values research, discovery, innovation and believes in the importance of  “thinking outside the pill”  is passionate about teaching and giving individuals the knowledge and tools to navigate their way to a healthier lifestyle through education, research, seminars, and on-going support.  See for yourself  what Our Community is Saying below  

What Our Community is Saying

One day I received an email from my doctor's office stating that BostonHealthiest was starting a new detox session, and the slogan was you do not have to take medication to be healthy. Maybe it was fate that I received the email. I had such a positive experience when I initially did it with my mom, so I decided to do it again, and it was great! Then BostonHealthiest soon offered a challenging, more individualized new program. I was excited but had cold feet. I started to talk myself out of it and thought I was too busy with my family and job to partake in it. I decided to take a leap and go for it. That was the best decision I made in a very, very long time! 


I first learned about the magic of Box Breathing, its benefits, and how to do it. Learning how to take a deep breath in, hold for 4 seconds, and release and hold again, I continued that rotation several times a day. Box Breathing has been phenomenal! It has helped me relax and not feel so stressed and uptight. Although I am not diabetic, I noticed what triggered my glucose level through my glucose arm monitor. I now stay away from many unhealthy sugary foods and certain fruits.

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